Cartoons about Science!

Netflix has science cartoons!  Do you remember The Magic School Bus?  With Miss Frizzle?  Netflix has the cartoon from the ’90s based on the books we read at school.  And there’s a rumour that they are working on a new updated version!  the-magic-school-bus

I love the fun way The Magic School Bus explores science, and answers questions in a really fun adventure format.  My kids also love the adventures, and have been learning some cool new things and asking really good questions!

Also on Netflix is Sid the Science Kid, which is a more modern cartoon.  It’s a really cool show, that encourages kids to ask questions and explore the world around them.  I love that each episode begins with a question from Sid, encouragement from his parents, and leads to the exploration of the answer with his teacher and friends at school.  Encouraging kids to ask questions, and taking those questions seriously is really important!Sid-the-science-kid-logo

Wild Kratts is another option, if your kid is interested in animals.  The Kratt brothers have done a few shows, but Wild Kratts turns them into cartoons, and sends them on adventures saving various animals from evil villains, and using the animals attributes as special powers.  It’s a combination of zoology education and popular good guy / bad guy cartoon, so I would suggest primary school aged kids are their target.  wild kratts

There are also loads of nature documentaries available, but I love that I can turn on a fun cartoon for the kids while I get things done, and feel less guilty about what they’re watching.  Do you have a favourite educational show?

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