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TMBG CD coverHow often do you get songs stuck in your head?  Music gets in your head, and the catchier the better!  Wouldn’t it be great to have those catchy songs be full of useful information?  Let me introduce you to Science Songs!

I love catchy songs about science, and the best place to find them is Here Comes Science from They Might Be Giants!  They Might Be Giants (TMBG) are the band behind The Big Bang Theory’s theme song, and they have a whole album of science songs for kids.  Seriously there’s 19 songs on there!  And if you get the CD+DVD set, you get all the music videos as well!  My kids have been listening to “I Am a Paleontologist” since they were born, as it regularly comes up on my kids’ Pandora station. I hadn’t really looked up the album it came from until recently, so I didn’t realise just how many science songs TMBG have written!  If you want to check them out before committing to buying the album, you can listen to the whole album on their YouTube channel!

Personally, I think these songs are awesome, and there should be way more cool songs like these for kids to listen to.  My favourites are definitely “I Am a Paelontologist,” “Why Does the Sun Shine?” and “Put It to the Test.”  If you’re a teacher, try using these to introduce your science topics in class!

Here’s the full playlist:

  1. Science Is Real
  2. Meet the Elements
  3. I Am a Paleontologist w/Danny Weinkauf
  4. The Bloodmobile
  5. Electric Car w/Robin Goldwasser
  6. My Brother the Ape
  7. What Is a Shooting Star?
  8. How Many Planets?
  9. Why Does the Sun Shine?
  10. Why Does the Sun Really Shine?
  11. Roy G. Biv
  12. Put It to the Test
  13. Photosynthesis
  14. Cells
  15. Speed and Velocity w/Marty Beller
  16. Computer Assisted Design
  17. Solid Liquid Gas
  18. Here Comes Science Bonus Track
  19. The Ballad of Davy Crockett (in Outer Space)

Now I’m off to find more fun science songs for kids.  I know a few not by TMBG, so keep an eye out for a follow up post about other songs soon!  Do you have any favourites?  Tell me below and maybe I’ll include them in Science Songs part 2!

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