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Post it ChecklistDoes the thought of keeping all your kid’s friends entertained for the duration of a birthday party terrify you?  You are certainly not alone!  Throwing a birthday party can be overwhelming, which is where Tornado Tammy comes in!  You can invite however many kids will fit in your living room (or garage, or backyard), and we’ll provide the entertainment!  If you follow our plan, you’ll be able to sit down with a glass of wine and enjoy the show along with the kids.

Before the Party

Planning everything ahead of time makes everything run more smoothly on the day.  It is easy to get lost in Pinterest boards of birthday ideas, so keep in mind that successful parties really come down to five things: a birthday kid (or kids), a few friends, a birthday cake, some snacks and some fun!  Since you already have the birthday kid(s), and Tornado Tammy has the fun, you only have to figure out the other three!

Think about how many kids you want to invite, and how they will fit in your space.  Tornado Tammy shows are done with the kids sitting on a tarp, so they don’t take up as much space as you might think.  If you’d rather not host the party at home, consider hiring a community hall (especially if you’re inviting a large group).  You may find it less stressful if you don’t have to worry about things getting dirty / broken.

Contact us and let us know the date and time for the party.  We’ll need to know a little about the birthday child, where the party will be, and how many kids are coming.

Invite the guests!  There are plenty of printable invitations available, or you can make your own.

Fizz Pop Science!Think about the birthday cake.  Are you a creative DIY mum, or would you rather order one?  Feel free to check out science cakes on Google or Pinterest, but don’t get lost!  Remember, it doesn’t have to be complicated to be special.

What kind of food do you want to have?  If you’re stuck for food ideas, just ask!  We’ve been to enough birthdays to have seen a lot of cool ideas, and a bunch of really simple ones too.  Chips, fruit, lollies and pizza are really popular options, and take minimum effort.  If you feel fancy, you can make treats that look like science experiments.  It’s a good idea to make a note on the invitation asking about food allergies.

On the Day

Before the kids arrive, do whatever decorating you’re inspired to do, and get the food organized.

Here’s our recommended schedule:

Party Start: Guests begin to arrive.  Kids play. Entertainer arrives to setup.
0:30 in: Showtime!
1:30 in: Food and cake
2:00 in: End of party, guests go home.

Of course, you can adapt the schedule to fit your party.  You might want to feed the kids before the show, and save the cake for afterwards.  With a Tornado Tammy show, the kids will make their own take home project, so you don’t even need to worry about goody bags (unless you want to!).

Do you have any hot tips or tricks for hosting a stress free party?  Comment below!

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