The Best Science Christmas Presents of 2017!!

Can you believe Christmas is just around the corner?!?  We’ve got just over a month left, so if you’re struggling to get presents, DON’T PANIC! I have you covered for all your science loving kids’ Christmas present needs!

Here’s Tornado Tammy’s Top 10 Christmas gifts for 2017 (listed in order of awesomeness).

10.  Bug Catchers

Nothing’s better than a gift that gets the kids outside and helps them learn at the same time!  Bug catchers are a great little gift that can help your explorers observe the creatures living around your own home! Catch them, observe them, and then put them back. Maybe pair with a magnifying glass to get an extra good look!

$3 from Kmart

Creeper Keeper

9.  GoldieBlox Kit

I know I’ve included this before, but it’s an awesome educational toy! Goldie is a princess and an engineer, and your kids can build along with her as you read the story together.  Show your princesses that they can do anything! (Of course if you’ve already got the Spinning Machine kit, you can get a different one!)

$27.01 from The Nile

GoldieBlox Engineering Kit

8.  Quantum Physics for Babies by Chris Ferrie (Board Book)

If your little one is still too young for actually DOING science, how about getting them this adorable board book teaching them (and you?!) about Quantum Physics! It’s never too early!

$5.96 (USD) from

Quantum Physics for Babies Board Book

7.  Dinosaur Excavation Kit

Set your future paleontologist up with their very own dino dig you can do at home!  Includes a pick and brush to uncover the Triceratops fossils, which you can then assemble into your own Triceratops skeleton! Recommended for ages 8+

$15.99 from Toyworld

4M Dinosaur Dig Kit: Triceratops

6.  The Kitchen Science Cookbook by Michelle Dickinson (aka Nanogirl)

The Kitchen Science Cookbook is a beautiful, lovingly-crafted hardcover recipe book with a twist: each recipe is a science experiment that you can do at home, using simple ingredients you probably have in your pantry. Designed for ages 4-14.

(eBook available by Christmas, hardcover arrives next year)

$25-$50 from Kickstarter

The Kitchen Science Cookbook

5.  Subscription to OYLA Youth Science Magazine (augmented reality cover)

Did you know that there was a science magazine designed for students and parents available in Australia and New Zealand? It covers a different topic every month, and has an awesome Augmented Reality image on the cover! Just hover your phone camera over it and it comes to life!

$110.99 (12mth) from OYLA

OYLA Youth Science Magazine: Oct 2017


4.  Tickets to Nanogirl vs The Elements

Nanogirl LIVE is coming back to Auckland for a new show at 5pm on 3 March 2018 at The Civic!  Give a Christmas present that your child can experience with you, seeing the awesomeness of Nanogirl and the wonders of science on the big stage!

$18.70-$38.25 from TicketMaster

Nanogirl vs The Elements

3.  Auckland Zoo Junior Keeper for a Day

Do you have an animal scientist in your house? A future zoologist, biologist or vet? How about sending them on an amazing hands on experience at Auckland Zoo!  Their Junior Keeper for a Day program lets them work with real zookeepers looking after the animals, feeding and cleaning, and seeing behind the scenes!

$110-$160 from Auckland Zoo

Junior Keeper Auckland Zoo

2.  A Telescope

What’s more awesome than looking at the stars and the planets and wondering what’s out there? Get your child a gift that could spark a passion for space! Perfect for future astronomers, astronauts, and astrophysicists! The Bressler Junior 60/700mm Telescope is a great starter telescope with a handy carry case for storage.

$139 from Procular

Bressler Junior Telescope


1.  Paint with Bacteria Kit

Learn about bioluminescence from Dr. Siouxie Wiles, and grow your very own glow in the dark bacteria pictures! How can that not be awesome? Recommended for ages 4+

$34.95 from

Painting with Bacteria Kit Contents

Let me know which ones are your favourites, and if your kids get any of these for Christmas I’d love to see pics of them opening their presents!!

Prices and links are all accurate as of posting.

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