Early Childhood

The Magical Science of Bubbles!

Tornado Tammy loves to spark the curiosity and imaginations of young children with her fun and interactive Bubble Show!

Kids do their best learning through play, and so Tornado Tammy brings the wonder of air and bubbles for kids to explore and investigate.  Early Childhood science is all about hands on experimentation.

Your kids will discover:

  • Bubbles are always round (unless you are standing inside them);
  • There are different kinds of air;
  • Different air makes bubbles do different things;
  • You can put clouds in bubbles;
  • You can stand INSIDE a bubble.

“This type of show is truly amazing, and I would recommend it in a heart beat.”
Happy Mum Happy Child

Children will observe and describe the shapes and colours that they see in the bubbles, and be introduced to some new concepts, including different kinds of air (gases) that make the bubbles do different things.  Some bubbles fly away, some contain clouds and sink to the ground.  We also explore bubbles of all different sizes, from small foamy bubbles all the way up to huge bubbles that the kids can take turns standing in the middle of.

Of course they wont have to sit and watch all these fun bubbles; children will be encouraged to participate by blowing, popping and catching all the bubbles!

Te Whāriki

Our Bubble Show encourages children to participate, question, explore and draw conclusions in line with the Foundational Principal of Empowerment in Te Whāriki.

Tornado Tammy’s Bubble Show also supports Strand 4: Communication and Strand 5: Exploration.  Children are provided with new and interesting materials to interact with, including some unusual bubbles.  They are encouraged to explore and extend their understanding of the properties of air, and bubbles from both inside and out!  They are also encouraged to describe what they are experiencing, make guesses and ask questions about why the bubbles look and act the way that they do.

Bubbles are pretty amazing, and they’re loads of fun!  Contact us if you’d like to book a Bubble Show at your Kindy or Daycare.