School Shows

Tornado Tammy’s School Shows introduce young children to fundamental scientific concepts in line with the Achievement Aims and Level 1 & 2 Objectives of the New Zealand Curriculum.  Utilising fun and interactive demonstrations and experiments, children gain an understanding of the Nature of Science, and also explore the Physical and Material Worlds.  All of our shows emphasise the importance of asking questions, and introduce children to the Scientific Method, including terminology and developmentally appropriate explanations.  We also include a worksheet related to the show for teachers to use in their classrooms, facilitating follow up and reinforcing the concepts covered!

Brilliant Bubbles

Bubbles on StageBubbles are an excellent way to engage children in the exploration of the Physical and Material Worlds.

Fundamental scientific concepts such as gravity, the nature of air (gases), why bubbles are always round, how light bends to create rainbows, and more are explored.  This show also touches on the concept of condensation and cloud formation, changes in the Material World that will give children a new understanding of the world around them.  Most importantly, Brilliant Bubbles introduces children to the Nature of Science as a way of looking at the world, and of asking questions in order to better understand our world.  It also presents science as something fun; and scientists as relatable, fun people in a wonderful, 45 minute long show.

Loopy Liquids

Stripey, exploding Elephant ToothpasteThe Loopy Liquids Show can be given either in class to individual classes (allowing for maximum engagement and interaction) or groups of classes.  This show is an excellent exploration of the Physical and Material Worlds, and how the Physical World impacts the Material World.  Loopy Liquids is designed to investigate the nature of materials, dividing them into Solids, Liquids and Gases.  We focus on liquids, what makes them special and interesting, how they change with temperature, and how some liquids react to forces (the Physical World) differently than others.  We investigate slime and other non-Newtonian fluids, and you have the option of having the children make their own slime at the end of the show, which they can keep.


How much does it cost?

Cost depends on the number of shows required for your students.  Are you looking for a show for one class or a whole year level?  In order to maximise interaction, shows should be kept to a maximum of 60 children (2-3 classes), so you may require multiple shows in order for all your students to benefit.  The first show costs $250, and each additional same day show costs $200.

If you would like the children to make their own individual pots of slime to keep, there is a charge of $2 per child.

What if we aren’t in Auckland?  Do you travel?

Currently Tornado Tammy will book shows within reasonable driving distance of Auckland, but may charge a travel fee to cover costs.  Feel free to ask!

How messy do your shows get?

The Brilliant Bubbles show is a mostly mess-free show, and we bring tarps and plastic drop cloths to protect floors.

Loopy Liquids can get a little messy, but we do bring tarps and plastic drop cloths to protect floors, and volunteer helpers are given lab coats and safety glasses for use while assisting.  Tornado Tammy ensures that everything is cleaned up before leaving.